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    Characteristics of bulk wine: bulk wine is a mixture of many chemical components, and alcohol is its main component. In addition, there are water and many chemical substances. These chemicals can be divided into acids, esters, aldehydes, alcohols and other types. The content of ingredients that determine the quality of bulk wine is often very low, but there are many kinds. The proportion of these components is very important. The scientific name of alcohol is ethanol, the molecular formula is ch3-ch2-oh, and the molecular weight is 46.
    Looking at the current bulk liquor market, generally speaking, the development situation is good, the market share is growing, and the prospect is broad, but there are also some inevitable problems. As a bulk liquor operator, we should not only understand our own business advantages, but also understand the problems existing in the market, and take relevant measures to ensure the change of our own business conditions and the healthy development of the whole market
    Advantages of bulk wine:
    1. The market is broad and the demand is large. China's rural population is more than 800 million, accounting for nearly 60 of the total number of people in China. Most of them have a low consumption level, so the low price bulk wine has a huge market in the vast rural areas. Take a town with 30000 people as an example. On average, one in five people drinks half a catty a day, so a town has a bulk wine market of 3000 catties a day
    2. Small investment, stable and reliable. Compared with the production of bottled wine, the investment in bulk wine is much less, especially for rural operators, most of the food required for wine making can be planted by themselves, which greatly reduces the operating cost. Moreover, wine making is also a traditional project with a history of thousands of years. Compared with other business projects, it is more stable and reliable
    The above is Shandong bulk wine http://www.kartujoker.com/ Thank you for checking the information of our company in your busy schedule. If you want to know more, you are welcome to call for consultation!

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