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    Choose a good sealed container, do not open the bottle mouth frequently, avoid Baijiu contacting air, so as not to be oxidized. Small ceramic containers are more suitable for storage. They can keep the wine at a fixed temperature, usually about 20 ℃. Because the temperature is too high, the wine will volatilize rapidly, and too low will affect the storage effect of the wine.
    Don't fill it too full, lest the temperature rise and cause the wine to overflow. Always check the wine container. If any leakage is found, timely take measures to deal with it, otherwise it will affect the wine quality.
    After the wine is loaded, it should be placed in a cellar 100 meters underground. Constant temperature and humidity are beneficial to natural aging of Baijiu. Excessive temperature will cause evaporation of liquor, while low temperature will affect the storage effect of Baijiu baijiu. Reduce losses. When taking wine, do not leave the container too far, and use the wine tray to receive the wine. After the wine taking tools are used up, put them back into the cylinder in time to keep the tools moist and reduce the skin spots of wine.
    Properly stirred bulk wine is a mixture of alcohol and water, which are infinitely soluble. However, due to different specific gravity, the alcohol content of the upper layer is higher and that of the lower layer is lower during storage. If it is stored for a long time and the cover is not tight, the taste of the top wine will be lighter. In order to ensure the consistency of alcohol and taste, stir properly and mix evenly up and down before eating.
    In addition to cellars and basements, the storage environment can also be adjusted to local conditions, and cool and ventilated open spaces that do not need to be moved frequently can be selected. If conditions permit, many Baijiu (Baijiu, liquor in ceramic cans) can be stacked together.
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