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    Baijiu City, Baijiu, Baijiu, Baijiu, and Baijiu, are the two most popular stores in the market. In the market of every city, there are always two stores or grain stores that sell liquor. The number of liquor sold is more expensive. The selling of liquor sold only 10 yuan and ten pieces of a pound is more popular with the people and some foreign friends.
    But because of the low price, many friends also have different opinions on the evaluation of these scattered baijiu.
    Because Baijiu Baijiu Baijiu generally 10 yuan or so, and bottled liquor, this price can be bought, most of which are alcoholic liquor or blending liquor and other inferior liquor, according to the price equivalence, it will think that these scattered Baijiu is basically blending wine.
    Besides, Baijiu Baijiu can not be identified as bottled liquor, such as the implementation of standard number, ingredients list, etc., so low price and profit can be said, so the bulk of Baijiu must be a cat.
    Baijiu Baijiu compared with bottled liquor, in the end is not reliable? If the Baijiu liquor is really alcoholic liquor, should we distinguish it? In this issue, deer will teach you three moves to quickly identify.
    To distinguish the Baijiu liquor is "pure grain wine" or "alcoholic liquor". It can be distinguished by using the following 3 methods in different occasions:
    One way to distinguish: drop some Baijiu on the hand.
    Baijiu Baijiu can be operated at a time when buying wine. Baijiu is dripping on the palm of the hand. It can be used for a few drops. Then, the hands are covered and rubbed quickly. During the process of rubbing, the palm will be heated, and the liquor will evaporate directly. At this time, we need to smell the flavor of the volatile liquor.
    If you smell strange smell or pungent alcohol, it means that this wine is not only of poor quality, but also alcoholic. If it is a strong grain aroma without any pungent smell, it is pure grain wine, which is worth buying.
    Discrimination method 2: observe hops by shaking
    When buying Baijiu Baijiu Baijiu, the tools used to hold the clothes are usually plastic bottles. After the wine is packed into plastic bottles, the lid is tightened and then swayed briefly. At this time, the liquor will be filled with many bubbles of wine. At this time, we will check the dissipation rate of these hops.
    Good quality of Baijiu liquor, delicate and more hops, slow dissipation. Low quality Baijiu liquor, hops dissipate speed is not to say, and shaking the brewing of hops are also very few. Thus, the Baijiu and the slow dispersal of liquor are more assured of their aroma and quality.
    Identification method three: add water to observe the change of Baijiu.
    This method is suitable for the identification of Baijiu liquor. The essence of grain wine and alcoholic liquor is very different. The alcohol, wine and alcohol of grain wine mainly depend on the microorganism and esters formed by the food. At the same time, the pure grain liquor contains trace elements, which are insoluble in water and are also due to the existence and particularity of these substances. The proportion of grain wine and wine should be mixed according to 3:1, in the cup or bowl, if the liquor becomes clear and cloudy, it is indicated that the Baijiu liquor is a grain wine.
    Because of the above substances contained in grain wine, the liquor will become turbid due to the precipitation change after the alcohol degree is reduced.
    Conversely, if the liquor is still clear after adding water, it is clear that Baijiu is alcoholic liquor or blending wine.
    Therefore, Baijiu Baijiu is not reliable, it depends on whether it is alcoholic liquor or wine after blending. If it is alcoholic liquor, even if it is sold as twenty or thirty or fifty or sixty yuan, it is not worth it.
    On the contrary, if you are sure it is pure grain wine, it is worth selling it for only 10 yuan a kilogram. At least pure grain wine won't make you feel uncomfortable.
    The above highlights are provided by Shandong bulk wine. Please pay attention to more information http://www.kartujoker.com


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