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    1, take a drop of Baijiu in the palm of your hand. The palms are folded to make the palms of the two hands contact and rub vigorously. If the smell of the wine after heating has a grain smell, it is a real pure grain wine. On the contrary, if it is mixed with edible alcohol, it not only smells pungent and bad, but also the taste is very short, and the taste will disappear soon.
    2. Pour the wine into the cup, then pour out the wine, smell the aroma of the empty cup and choke, and then smell the wine cup for about ten minutes. If there is no wine smell, it is alcohol blending wine. Brewing wine has grain flavor, wine flavor and distiller's grains flavor. The longer the aroma is retained, the stronger the content of brewing wine is.
    In fact, many scattered wine in the area are pure grain wine, especially in rural areas and some towns, because they do not call the blending, they only use pure grain to make Baijiu, although it may be high, but they are very clean in the quality of liquor. So many people drink this kind of wine very much, although the entrance is slightly spicy, but its flavor is fragrant, and it is not up after drunk. Intuition is hot all over and wants to sleep. Such wine is pure grain wine.
    Baijiu Baijiu on the market is not reliable, the market selling wine prices are mainly in the range of 5 to -50 yuan, take 5 yuan of wine is certainly not solid state Baijiu liquor is mostly liquid liquor, there is a big risk on the market of liquid liquor, that is, cyanide exceeded the standard, heavy metals exceeded the standard, the industry is unreliable, that is, liquid liquor is not clean. Some grains are not processed because they are raw materials and the bulk wine has not been tested. This 5-yuan bulk wine has a great risk. Apart from the raw material process, the main reason is the brewing site, and the sanitary conditions of many wineries are not up to standard.
    While our common solid Baijiu is generally guaranteed, but when you want to drink wine, you should choose brand when buying loose wine. When you buy, you must ask for bills and Baijiu manufacturers. You need to ask for more solid liquor than liquid.
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