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    How to choose bulk Baijiu
    Look at the wine.
    The so-called wine color is the color of wine. Generally speaking, in the better Baijiu and higher Baijiu, the color is mainly colorless or yellow. In some Baijiu, which has poor liquor quality and poor liquor quality, its color is mostly lost. As for wine color, there is another way to see the hanging cup, that is, pour the wine into the cup. If you shake the wine in the glass, it will fall slower. This phenomenon will not appear in inferior baijiu. In Baijiu liquor, this phenomenon is also not obvious. If the quality is poor, your phenomenon will be less and the concentration will be lower, so the phenomenon of hanging the cup will be less and less obvious. The worst Baijiu, like water, is easy to fall off.
    Second, smell the fragrance.
    It refers to the aroma of wine. Some people may say that there should be no difference between us. If you carefully distinguish, the wine with better quality has a mellow taste and will not have those idle smells. It is mainly sweet and has a long aftertaste, but the taste of inferior wine will be very unorthodox, and there will be some smells that are not mellow. In fact, the mellow flavor means that it has no other rich authentic wine flavor. If you don't smell this mellow flavor in other wines, the wine you may buy is not very authentic. It is a wine with poor physique.
    Three tastes.
    The real wine is fragrant, with harmonious fragrance, soft taste, no head and no throat choking. Fake wine has impure aroma and mixed taste. Spicy, stinging throat, top.
    The harm of excessive drinking.
    1. Excessive alcohol intake can lead to nervous system inhibition. I've seen such examples around me. After drinking and fainting, you have to go to the hospital for gastric lavage to wake up. Individuals with excessive alcohol intake and intolerance will lead to coma due to excessive alcohol intake. We must pay attention to it.
    2. Gastrointestinal bleeding caused by massive vomiting: excessive drinking will stimulate the gastric mucosa to secrete a large amount of gastric acid, resulting in vomiting. Strong vomiting will affect the gastrointestinal mucosa, and gastric bleeding will occur. Attention must be paid. If gastric bleeding occurs, seek medical treatment quickly.
    3. Alcohol is toxic to pancreatic cells. Therefore, many people who drink too much at one time will lead to the onset of acute pancreatitis. Not only the pain is unbearable, but also the insufficient secretion of pancreas will affect the absorption and utilization of protein, fat and fat soluble vitamins, leading to alcohol malnutrition.
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